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Oakland Shuttle

Your Dependable Airport Transportation from Oakland

Oakland Airport (OAK) is located just 29 miles from San Francisco (SFO). But they are located across the bay from one another and there’s whole lotto water in between. There are no flights between these two CA airports so if you need to make a transfer, you’ll have to use ground transportation.

What’s the Quickest Method for Getting From Oakland Airport to San Francisco Airport?

The quickest method for getting from OAK to SFO is a taxi or Uber/Lyft. The course is 29 miles across the cove and will require 35 minutes (or up to 55 during busy times). This is a decent choice if you are in a rush or have a ton of baggage.

Here are the unpleasant expenses for each:


  • OAK to SFO utilizing Uber: $52, utilizing their estimator. Yet, their eccentric flood valuing will be more.
  • Utilizing LYFT: $60-70 utilizing their estimator.
  • To SFO by taxi: ~$100


Even though it’s more costly, don’t preclude utilizing a taxi to get to SFO. If you’re fretted over a tight association, minutes matter. The taxi stand is found just beyond the baggage carousel and there are almost consistently taxis prowling around. For the ride applications, you want to ask for and afterwards hang tight for a ride, which takes time during busy times or on the other hand on the off chance that you are getting in right on time or late.

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